A few weeks ago , I decided to stop by and try the much raved about East Side King. I stopped by the food truck on the Drag. It was surprisingly quiet for finals week and it wasn't a long wait to get my order.

IMG_20160504_172533 (1).jpg

I tried the Thai Chicken Kara-age with liberty rice. Can I say the chicken was cooked to perfection? Not to mention it was extremely tasty. The dish was served on with fresh jalapenos, cilantro, onions, and basil that helped elevate the spicy-sweet taste of the Kara-age.
I was a little surprised when I got the dish because I expected the chicken would have been tossed in a sauce (akin to chicken teriyaki) so it was a little dry. But the dish was still incredibly good.
The liberty rice was the perfect texture and just how I like rice: not too soft and not too hard.  Two hours later, I could still taste the seasonings as I laid down to sleep.
All in all, I really enjoyed the dish and wouldn't mind stopping by to try another dish from East Side Kings the next time I'm near by.

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